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Wing Time Gluten Free Buffalo Sauce Review

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Buffalo Wings
Wing Time Gluten Free Buffalo Sauce Review
by K.C. Pomering, Posted October 16th, 2010 at 1:38 pm

I really, really like buffalo wings.  I know when the local Hooters cleans the fryers, so I can come eat naked (unbreaded) wings with no cross contamination, and lots + lots of paper towels. I also worked for a commercial food supplier for several years, so I’ve tasted lots of pre-made sauces & pre-fab wings, and have been less than impressed with most of them.  So, when I saw that Wing Time Sauces were Gluten Free, I was cautiously optimistic.  I know how things can go when manufacturers focus on the Gluten Free & not the flavor.

I am SO HAPPY to report to you that Wing Time Sauces have awesome flavor, and they cling to the meat well!  I tried traditional wings & made a buffalo chicken salad with rotisserie cooked chicken, and the sauce held up to both applications.  The Medium sauce had plenty of heat without being overpowering, so I’d use Medium unless you’re cooking for kids (Mild) or you’re a crazy-heat fan (Hot or Super-Hot, good luck to you in the morning.)

If  you’re a fan of Garlic on your wings, Wing Time’s Garlic with Parmesan sauce was super-tasty too.   My family loved it, but, I’m more of a purest – I’m sticking with the Medium.

Wing Time’s sauces don’t contain any added sugars, and the Medium, Hot & Super Hot don’t contain Dairy.  All of the products contain Soybean Oil.

I’m off to eat more wings -

But wing sauce is so easy to make! The best is just butter and tabasco sauce!

by Rach, Posted October 19, 2010 at 3:12 pm

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