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Recipe Conversion

Welcome to the G-Free Foodie Recipe Conversion Form!  If you have a favorite recipe that you’d like converted to Gluten Free format, you can fill out the form below & the G-Free Foodie team + Rachel Carlyle, the Gluten Free Mama, will convert the recipe to G-Free for you.  Please be sure to provide any relevant information so we can get as close to the original as possible. Please allow 2-3 weeks for Recipe Conversion.  You’ll be notified by email when the converted recipe appears on our site.  We’ll notify you by email within one week if we cannot convert your recipe.  Thanks!

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We'd like to remind you that a recipe is only Gluten-Free if the ingredients are too, so please make sure your stocks, canned goods & other supplies are G-Free. Converted recipes become the intellectual property of G-Free Foodie, California Pomegranate Co. and Gluten Free Mama, and such content cannot be reproduced without express permission.  Converted Recipes may be used by G-Free Foodie, California Pomegranate Co. and Gluten Free Mama on the internet, in print, or in other publications.