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Gluten Free Finds at the Fancy Food Show!

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New Products & Single Serving Packets from Pamela's
New Products & Single Serving Packets from Pamela'sFFS UdisThe full Gluten Free lineup from TruRootsGluten Free Mixes from Stonewall Kitchen - those brownies were GOOD, y'all -Awesome GFCF Marshmallow Cakes from Plush Puffs!Gluten Free Dairy Free BUTTER flavors from LorAnnConte's delicious Gluten Free Italian Frozen Meals
Gluten Free Finds at the Fancy Food Show!
by K.C. Pomering, Posted January 22nd, 2011 at 12:43 am

We found lots of cool Gluten Free stuff at the Fancy Food show – be on the lookout for reviews from us on all the good eats we found!  Here are some of the high points:

We didn’t find Bear Claws or Croissants (and we looked!) but we did find bagels we love – Udi’s added Cinnamon Raisin to their lineup, and they still make the best GF bagels we’ve tasted. Now if I could just get their plain bagels seeded -

Gluten Free flavors, oils & baking emulsions from LorAnn – including Dairy Free Butter flavoring! Plus unique options like Salt Water Taffy, Buttery Sweet Dough & herb oils.

Single serving packages from Pamela’s – perfect for vacations, work or Grandma’s house. And we LOVE Pamela’s Coffee Cake.

Sheep’s milk yogurt with pure fruit from Bellwether Farms – this yogurt was creamy, light & clean tasting – we trued all the flavors, and loved them all.

There were lots of lentil & bean chips – high in fiber & Gluten Free.  Our favorites were from Mediterranean Snack Food Co. & Beanitos

Our friends at Plush Puffs have always made a 2lb mallow – but their display showed some adorably decorated marshmallow cakes – perfect for birthdays or kid’s celebrations.

We were glad to see an expanded product line from truRoots – the masters of pre-washed quinoa have made several other grains widely available. All the truRoots products are Gluten Free & organic – no cross contamination here, folks.

The Gold Mine Natural Foods booth had lots of interesting options – organic raw sauerkraut or kelp noodles anyone? I was starting to feel like Spongebob – and then I tried their Gluten Free Tamari – so good, with a clean umami flavor and very little sodium after-punch. They also had some really light pea chips that were awesome.

We tried some delicious, fudgy brownies from Stonewall Kitchens new line of Gluten Free mixes – we’re ready to try the rest of the line, and make those brownies at home too!

I wish more retailers would pick up the frozen meals from Conte’s - they are really the best Gluten Free Italian frozen meals around.  We already loved their frozen gnocchi in the bag (you can find it at premium retailers) and their pizza shells were one of the winners in our G-Free Foodie Gluten Free Pizza Crust Review.

Keep your eyes peeled for more reviews from our finds -


P.S. – I also picked up some Gluten Free Organic Dog Food from Nummy Tum Tum – I’ll let you know what Cocoa the bulldog thinks of it!

All of custom spice blends are gluten and MGS Free. I have over 80! Soups, salads, dips, appetizers, casseroles, cheese balls and on and on.

by Aimee Williams, Posted March 6, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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