Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks. — Marilyn Wann

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Welcome to G-Free Foodie®! I’m K.C., a farm-grown foodie that was born and raised in the fertile fields of California’s San Joaquin Valley. I grew up talking about food and wine, spending my summers racing my cousins on tractors and playing “name that crop” on family road trips. I also grew up with an assortment of mysterious medical issues. When I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease and adopted a Gluten Free diet, my health improved rapidly. Given my background, I wasn’t gonna tolerate sub-par sandwiches and botched brownies. So I set out to find the best food the Gluten Free world had to offer, and I built G-Free Foodie so y’all could live deliciously Gluten Free too.

You’ll find RecipesArticles from me and some of my friends, a bunch of the best cooks and best people I know. We hope you’ll become a G-Free Foodie, join our Love With Food by G-Free Foodie Box Club, spread the word & come back to see us often.

Recent Blog Posts

gluten free vegan biscuits | Sarah, Baking Gluten Free
Recipe courtesy of Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats I have to apologize to you for not sharing a gluten, egg and dairy free biscuit recipe until now. What is wrong with me? I don’t know why I waited so long to get this recipe just right for you. I’ve tried quite a few biscuit recipes,
Celiac Mentor Program: Join me in making the celiac community a better place | Brynne, Hungry Girl
Article courtesy of Brynne Cramer, Gluten Free Hungry Gal As you may know, I recently finished my master’s program. post graduation selfie The program’s final requirement was a thesis paper. My topic was near and dear to my heart – celiac disease. I posted
forever summer | Chrissy, Superpowered Mama
Article courtesy: Chrissy Kelly, Life with Greyson & Parker Nothing living lasts forever, including each season of every year. Change is quickly inching along as we are rolling into the last days of Summer. A Summer alive with wagon rides, swimming until the kids pass out cold in between
Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix from Scratch | Mary Fran, Cupcake Therapist
Article Courtesy:  Mary Fran Wiley, Frannycakes Because cake mix flavored everything is popular on Pinterest. And, I feel left out. Really, because I want to make cake batter pancakes. And I want to make all of the other cake batter flavored treats that I have been drooling over
That Time I Had My Family Eat Cricket Flour | April, Anti-Gluten Activist
The G-Free Foodie Team is kinda glad they approached April first... Article courtesy of: April Peveteaux, GIMB Why am I upside down? It’s because I’m made of cricket flour, isn’t it? The very optimistic folks at EXO sent me an email one day. They have thesegluten-free
fresh watermelon margaritas | Sarah, Baking Gluten Free
Recipe courtesy of Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats I'm pretty sure I have bought one watermelon a week this summer. I can't get enough! It's my all time favorite summer fruit. Naturally sweet, so juicy and refreshing. I buy the big ones at Costco so that it lasts a few days and we just
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